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Events by Maynard elevates ordinary celebrations into lush and luxe experiences.

The company prides itself on its hands-on approach and keen attention to detail. From the ambience-setting tablescapes, ceiling accents, and eye-catching centerpieces to the minute details of cutlery and intricate floral compositions, Events by Maynard makes it a point to design each event aspect with inspired passion and innovative techniques.

Maynard’s passion for events styling spurred him to pursue further studies abroad to deepen his understanding of design concepts and sharpen his techniques and execution. He finished floral courses in London and in Paris.

Designing each event with inspired passion and innovative techniques

Abreast with the latest design trends and grounded by fundamental styling methods, Events by Maynard gives each and every celebration touches of true luxury with premium items imported from reputable sources abroad.

Events by Maynard delivers high-quality and luxe events styling without compromising the unique and intimate feel that turns mundane occasions into unforgettable and joyous celebrations.

A truly hands-on experience with Events By Maynard.
He understands the whole vision and brings it to life, which is something that not many can do.
Chantel Ong
It’s my first time to work with Maynard, and honestly, I’m so impressed with his style!
Not exaggerating, but the styling execution of Erin’s debut was mind blowing! The tablescape elements were so gorgeous and were setup with class. I hope we could work together for weddings. I’m excited to see Maynard’s magic again!
Events by Miss P
My eighteenth birthday is definitely something I will always remember!
My envisioned birthday was planned in only a short span of time but was still put into reality. I wanted to keep it minimalistic while also encapsulating touches of elegance. I love how everything turned out to be especially with the unifying colors and decors.
Julianna Amon
Maynard offers excellent service and helps the client actualise his/her dream event!
They exceeded my expectations and transformed the venue for my debut completely. I’m so happy I trusted Events by Maynard because I didn’t have to worry about anything when the special day came
Erin Ong
Thank you so much Maynard!!
We’re so so so happy with what you’ve done!! You really made my birthday extra special! Thank you!!
Giannah Marquez

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